I dreamed a dream about free writing, about gathering together to tell good stories as you would around a fire in the woods after a long damn good day.

I also dreamed about writing in two languages, not as a translation, but pure original content written in the language they belong.

So this is the place, for you and me and whoever wants to join. I promise stories, that happened or didn’t, stories that you will enjoy and praise sites like this, of free writing.

Need some help with the writing?

Everybody has something to say and there is always a way to say it. Getting to a different market means not just clicking the translate button on Google, it requires adaptation and knowledge of cross-cultural details and style as a speaker. Either is an article that supports your product/idea/service, content for your social media feed, business-oriented presentations, love letters (who knows if you will ever need them) we will build the right speech together. English & Spanish and from English to Spanish. Let’s talk.


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