You probably read my name on the top of the Home page, so yes, I am Dessire. Hi, very nice meeting you.

I started writing at 17 or sometime around that, which makes me a late writer. I also started writing to my crushes, so I guess it makes me a love writer.

I found the beautiful tool of writing a way to express myself, I have always found the structures built in different languages so amazing like many ways to see the world by how you name what is in it.

We are experts in our own lives, we are the ones who know best what we see, hear, think, feel and do. That way we can offer the world our own perspective, cause at the end that is what writing is about, sharing others our life perspective.

Hope you have an enjoyable time in this place. Did you notice some spanglish? that’s because Spanish is my first language. I could not help but share my roots.

I am happy to read any thoughts and constructive critics, let me know if there is anything you would like to share. Hasta pronto!